New computer!

Thanks to some generosity from parties unnamed, who were tired of hearing my old laptop wheeze and burble as it attempted to keep itself powered on, I am now the proud owner of an incredibly shiny new MacBook. I was skeptical of the new macbook design mostly because of the idiotic move towards only having one port. Sure, the future is wireless, but the future isn’t here yet, apple! I need a USB port! So I also ponied up for the (ridiculously expensive) adapter so that I can, you know, use USB stuff.

So far I really like it. I had heard that the new keyboards were weird, but I actually like the new macbook keyboard better than the one on my old air – it’s pretty responsive but you have to give the keys a good tap, which I like. (I’m a person who voluntarily used one of the spring-loaded keyboards on my office computer for a long, long time because I hated the HP keyboard so very, very much.)

I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge about computers, despite having worked for a year and a half at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, but I am impressed with the power and speed so far of this little machine. Transferring everything from my old computer (over a USB-USB cable that my dad had to go out and buy at Radio Shack) has been a fairly fast endeavor, and the screen is SO PRETTY OMG. Can’t wait to watch YouTube makeup tutorials on this sucker.

In other news, I’ve been meaning to do a blog post about the move to a new agency in January, but haven’t had the time since I’ve been home. Rest and recreation with one’s family is always so much more time consuming than I remember and I have accomplished maybe 2 of the 340 things I wanted to do in the three weeks I’ve been in Texas. But I HAVE –

-watched six and a half seasons of Midsomer Murders
-written half of my holiday cards
-gone through my old online bookmarks and made sure all of them were tagged (1500 out of 2000, go Jen)
-started reading like four books before setting them down
-eaten a lot of Mexican food
-lost like 10 pounds

So not an *entirely* wasted vacation. I’m excited to get back to New York on Wednesday and hit the ground running! More news on the move to the Barry Goldblatt Agency soon. 🙂




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