THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS on the Times list!

This is a very belated post, all things considered, but my client Marieke Nijkamp’s novel THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS is wrapping up its SECOND week on the New York Times bestseller list!¬†

Bestseller3.27.16 copy.jpg

I’m so proud and happy to represent this book. ūüôā



Recommendation: J by Howard Jacobson

I just finished reading¬†J by Howard Jacobson. That little strike through on the J should really be two lines, as per the book, where any word beginning with “j” also has the letter stricken through. But I can’t figure out how to do it on WordPress.

J is set in a world¬†where something Has Happened – WHAT HAPPENED, IF IT HAPPENED, is never clear in the book and is always referred to in the hypothetical. But whatever it was has caused society to turn to a great forgetting, a turning away from memory and identity so that whatever happened won’t ever happen again. This great societal effort is failing, though, and strange outbursts of violence are seizing the country anyway – we are aware of this from the beginning as Ailinn Solomons and Kevern Cohen begin their strange, tentative relationship.

It’s a love story, and it’s a dystopian novel, and it’s a novel about anti-semitism, but nothing is ever addressed head on. In J¬†there aren’t any grand revelations or explosions, there is no courageous resistance against an oppressive government. WHAT HAPPENED, IF IT HAPPENED, was a collective act of violence so great that to speak of it is an act of unimaginable illegality – the genius of the way this illegality is structured is that nothing is banned, so much as just not done. This elliptical style might turn some people off but for me, it made for a disorienting and almost elegiac reading experience; a sense of sorrow for things barely remembered, the knowledge that we as a society have done things that we shouldn’t be proud of and for which we should apologize, suffused every page.

So, I highly recommend! Go buy it and read it. And then tell me what you think. 



Where are you coming from?

Somehow in the last week I’ve received 144 queries. I’ve certainly had three-digit weeks before but that’s a lot. At any rate I’m delighted. In the past few days I’ve read some projects I’m very excited about. But seriously, where are you coming from?

A few links to some exciting things afoot in my client’s worlds –

Mark Tiedemann’s novella “Miller’s Wife” appears as an exclusive ebook reprint in this month’s issue of Lightspeed Magazine! Here’s the link.¬†

And ARCs of Ren Warom’s debut novel ESCAPOLOGY, out from Titan in July, are out in the world!¬†Linked because I can’t get the tweet to embed.¬†God, I’m so excited for this one.

I have no other news, at least none that I can remember, because my brain doesn’t work. I’ve had family visiting this past week and, as always happens when my mother is in town, theater tickets magically appeared, so in the last week I’ve seen five shows: Her Requiem at LCT3, Eclipsed on Broadway, Women Without Men at The Mint, Nice Fish at St. Ann’s Warehouse, and Steve Martin & Edie Brickell’s bluegrass musical Bright Star on Broadway. They were all fabulous, and I am now exhausted and suffering from brain drain.

Editing the new Shipping & Handling episode while Bridget & I figure out a date to record. Looking forward to being on the airwaves again! Well, the downloads. You know what I mean.

Haven’t been doing too much personal reading – I did finish THE FALL OF THE OTTOMANS and THE LIVING UNKNOWN SOLDIER, for which the phrase “just fuck me up” has never been more¬†applicable. The reviews of the book I’d read said that the translation was somewhat clunky, but either I’m a philistine and didn’t notice or the translation was absolutely fine. Still, if you can get your hands on a copy of this gem and are at all interested in this kind of thing, I highly recommend it. And even though I am supposed to not be buying books right now I still managed to walk out of Barnes & Noble on Sunday with a copy of NUMERO ZERO by Umberto Eco and TO HELL AND BACK by Ian Kershaw. Who knows when I’ll get to them!