Social Media Hiatus

Hi all!

I’ll be on a social media hiatus during Lent this year (again) so here is what you can expect from me during this time:

  • I won’t be on twitter except to post information about new Shipping & Handling episodes, or if something of PARTICULAR excitement for my clients happens (they win the Nobel Prize, or get on the Times List. You know, the important things.)
  • Same goes for Facebook and Tumblr.
  • I probably WILL be updating this blog a bit more, if I’m able.
  • I will be posting photos through instagram to my various outlets without checking for the response, so if you see a picture crop up on twitter, please resist the urge to @reply  me and say “BUT YOU SAID YOU WERE OFF SOCIAL MEDIA NYAH NYAH.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I am a little blown away that Lent and Easter are so early this year and was COMPLETELY unprepared for this to start so soon!

A few clarifications about queries: 

Currently, there are two ways floating around to query me, and BOTH are valid as we work to figure out the best way to handle queries for Barry & I at the Barry Goldblatt agency.

  • I PREFER you to follow the query guidelines listed on this blog, which means 20 pages + 1-2 page synopsis + query letter PASTED into the body of an email to
  • IF you send it to the general BG query address, rest assured that I will receive it and give it equal consideration to the ones that come through my query email.

It’s been a really exciting first month working with Barry and his awesome crew (they know who they are) and I’m looking forward to telling you more about it.

More notes:

  • Bridget Smith & I have one more episode of Shipping & Handling in the can, and we’re just waiting on final approval from our awesome guest. So that should be up sometime next week.
  • Next MONDAY, the 15th, which is a holiday, Bridget & I will be recording a BRAND NEW episode, so be sure to send us your questions via the many different ways you can do that so we can answer them on-air!
  • Thank you for bearing with us during our long-ass hiatus. Rest assured that the podcast has even more exciting things in store this year.

I think that’s it! 😀